Monday, September 29, 2014

Feminist Camille Paglia: Young Women Are Dumb About Potential Sexual Encounters

That is the only way I can interpret this:
Colleges should stick to academics and stop their infantilizing supervision of students’ dating lives, an authoritarian intrusion that borders on violation of civil liberties. Real crimes should be reported to the police, not to haphazard and ill-trained campus grievance committees.

Too many young middleclass women, raised far from the urban streets, seem to expect adult life to be an extension of their comfortable, overprotected homes. But the world remains a wilderness. The price of women’s modern freedoms is personal responsibility for vigilance and self-defense.
Not surprisingly, although she recognizes the cluelessness of young women, she fails to point out that this clulessness is largely the result of feminists providing these women with a false sense of empowerment which skews their picture of how to deal with the world. Further, Paglia fails to  make it clear that women simply need to recognize the Wenzel rule for solving the problem:
The Wenzel rule for women on how to protect themselves against "date rape": Don't be with a man alone in a room, if you don't plan to have sex with him.  Follow this rule and you will never be "date raped."

(ht Jay Stephenson)


  1. I have even better rule for young women who don't want to be raped: if you do hang out around young males, make darn sure that every single one of them knows that your dad has a shotgun, and will not hesitate to use it to effect the justice if somebody dares to hurt his girl. And if you really need to go to a place which may be dangerous, have your own gun with you, girl.

    Oh, well, I admit it won't work for the poor daughters of the left-liberal kumbaya drones, but I also suspect that stupidity has a strong genetic component, so I just can't get very upset about their misfortune.

  2. Is there a date rape drug caveat to the Wenzel rule?

  3. Is there a date rape drug caveat...

    It would be informative to know crime statistics on how often date rape drugs are used. My guess is that it is way below the imagined use.