Sunday, September 21, 2014

Final Notes from the Liberty Political Action Conference

A friend emails:
Just wanted to share a few observations from LPAC. First, the foot traffic was tangibly less than last year in my view. The main conference room (where the speeches took place) was also much smaller than last year.

As usual, Ron Paul stole the show. He had the biggest crowd that I saw. I wasn't there for Rand, so perhaps his was big as well. I do get the sense that Rand is losing his cache with his recent war position. Even Ronnie Paul, when he introduced his Dad made note that his brother has 'his own way' of reaching the same goals.

The distinction between Ron & Rand is now quite clear.
Another source tells me that David Warrington, who is an attorney and represents Campaign for Liberty, actually introduced Lee Goodman, chairman, Federal Election Commission, who spoke at LPAC. Warrington called Goldman a "good friend" in his introduction. I note this took place as investigations by the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission, of the 2012 Ron Paul campaign, continue,


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