Monday, September 15, 2014

How Does Janet Yellen Spend Her Time? Check Her Calendar

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen‘s calendars have been obtained by WSJ, under an open records request. The full calendar can be found here.

Most of her meetings were with other Fed members or government bank chiefs from the FDIC, the IMF and other central banks.

The meetings that stood out the most were a 30 minute phone call with Apple CEO Tim Cook, a 15 minute call with Elizabeth Warren. A 10 minute phone call with Chuck Schumerm, and a 60 meeting with Sheila Bair and Members of Systemic Risk Council, Bair is now on the board of the Spanish bank, Group Sanandar.

Naturally, Yellen could not avoid sitdowns with the banksters. She had an hour long meeting with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and a 30 minute meeting with Citigroup CEO  Mike Corbat.


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  1. Very interesting. She also interfaces with AFL-CIO, IMF, SEC Chair, Sen. Charles Schumer(Get to work?), a number of lunches-meetings-Ph. Calls with Jacob Lew(Treasury), Stanley Fischer Fed. Vice Chair), Henry Paulson(ex. Treasury Sec.), Black Rock.
    Is she receiving marching orders, or imparting ultra valuable inside info.?
    Independent, non-politicized Fed? -- Another myth foisted upon the public.