Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Don't Usually Take Most Political Threats Seriousy But...

Christine Lagarde

IMF President Christine Lagarde wants more China representation in the IMF and threatens:
I will keep pushing and pushing on this – I will belly-dance if I have to, to get there.
And it doesn't seem that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is much of a feminist. Lagarde tells FT:
Lagarde now feels growing responsibility to embrace women’s issues. “I am so often the only woman in the room and I feel I should talk about it,” she says. Thus she has repeatedly expressed her displeasure at the fact that all 24 members of the IMF board are men. “I can’t change that [by] myself but I can name and shame.”
Will she enlist other female leaders to this cause? Is she, I ask, about to create a sisterhood with, say, Angela Merkel? Lagarde chuckles. “That’s really not Angela’s kind of thing! . . . She came here and talked with the European team about technical things. She is very good at that. But I have never ever spoken to her about gender. It’s not her.”

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  1. Funny how all these statist "feminists" try their best to look as masculine as possible.