Saturday, September 6, 2014

INSANE Crazed, Bureaucratic, Anal, Public School Bus Driver Refused to Let Kids Off Bus

In Worcester, Massachusetts, a public school bus driver refused to release kids to their parents, according to the Worcester Telegram.

A parent Jessica Jimenez posted a video (See below) on her Facebook page that shows students on the idling bus crying and screaming as parents demand they be released.

About halfway through the video, the bus begins to move forward, and a woman can be heard repeatedly screaming, "She's leaving! Oh my God, don't leave with my kid!"

Shortly after that, parents gain access through the rear emergency exit and begin removing their children from the bus.

At about 9 minutes into the video, the police arrive.

Naturally, the government backed up the bus driver and her bizarre actions:
According to Superintendent of Schools Melinda Boone, the driver of the bus was following school department policy that dictates that during the first few days of school, drivers must ensure that kindergarten students are released to the proper parent or guardian when they get off a school bus. As such, the driver was seeking to dismiss those students from the bus first, the superintendent said.

"Some of the adults were impatient and just wanted the students released," Ms. Boone said. "Some attempted to board the bus to take the students, at which point the driver closed the door with the idea of stabilizing the situation."
The state will always back up its agents,even when it comes to standing between parents and their children. Consider this an object lesson on why home schooling makes more and more sense every day. (SEE:The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System)

In the video below, things get really crazy after the 5:30 mark.


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