Sunday, September 28, 2014

Major Bitcoin Break Far Below $400.00

Bitcoin is currently trading at $373.06. This is down from a 24-hour high of $399.81.

Year-to-date, Bitcoin is down 53.29%. The all-time high on Bitcoin was aprox. $1200, which means the overall drop from the all time high has been 68.9%.



  1. I still remember how much you and Gary North were blasted for being less than positive on Bitcoin in the past.

    I doubt there have been any apologies.

  2. Great news for me. I can just buy more!
    China/Mt.Gox bots created a bubble last year, so that wasn't real value. The Chinese People want it, but their government likes oppressing the people, so it won't go too crazy in China again.
    It's still up over 200% from this time last year. Don't make the bubble more than it was, a bubble.
    I'll take a hard real $350-400 over a fake $1100-1200 anytime.
    5 years ago it was a penny. Nothing appreciates like BTC, baby!

  3. Can't wait until this goes to its true value and the bitcoin slime crawls go back in their holes.

    Major sobs for fans but unfortunately the creepy creators have already cashed out.

    Next stop 200s then panic.

    Miners will shut down. Will not spend $100 in electricity to get $100

    Transactions will backlog. The "value" of the network will be negative.