Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mrs. Ron Paul: They are going after my son!

EPJ has learned that Carol Paul, the wife of Ron Paul, has been telling close associates that the developing Ron Paul Inc. scandal is about going after Rand, and to a significant degree she is correct.

I would say that many of the early players in the developing scandal just wanted to clean out what they viewed as bad, incompetent political operators, around both Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann. As far as the Ron Paul actors, they were for removing  Ron Paul Inc. operatives who were not interested in maintaining a consistent libertarian posture on issues, especially when it came to foreign policy.

However, since the initial investigation has caught the eye of the Department of Justice in a big way, this is going way beyond Kent Sorenson, Dmitri Kesari and Jesse Benton.

This is about going after the entire Republican Party, with Mitch McConnell and Rand as the main targets, or at least their campaign operations as big targets.

As I have pointed out, the DOJ lawyers involved with this case were involved in the Justice Department takedown of Jack Abramhoff. In other words, these lawyers aren't in this to get low level players.

The speculation as to where this scandal goes consists of two threads, both of which go through Rand, but the ultimate target being the Republican mainstream.

The first thread centers around the National Right to Work Committee. It appears that investigators are focusing on activities in a number of states where NRWC may have broken campaign laws. This includes Iowa and Montana, where we know grand jury investigations are on going or have taken place. It also includes Kentucky and Indiana, at a minimum. And there is an apparent investigation with regard to an unusual payment made by a Colorado oil fracker, to the tune of $500,000.

Rand's problem is that Dmitri Kesari, who is at the epicenter of the under-the-table payoffs to Kent Sorenson, appears to have been involved with NRWC activities that "helped" Rand in his 2010 Senate election camapign but that may have been illegal.

If indictments come down from this direction, it will be bloody for Rand. The degree of damage is not yet certain, but there is a list of top Rand campaign staffers that may be involved. It appears that the government has subpoenaed the emails of most of these staffers.

The final target is not Rand  but he is right smack in the middle of the road that the DOJ bulldozer is heading down, and there is no incentive for DOJ to just go around Rand. The ultimate target appears to be the NRWC and related organizationa. If DOJ can show numerous illegal activities on the part of NRWC via involvement in election campaigns, then the the Obama administration can justify the recent aggressive IRS activities against conservative political groups. "Hey, look at the illegal activities they were up to. We were justified in looking at them closely." Thus, a political problem is muted for the Democrats and is flipped on to the Republicans.

The second thread of speculation centers around what kind of deal was cut between Rand and McConnell, which ultimately resulted in Rand endorsing McConnell over the Tea Paty candidate Matt Bevin.

The speculation includes the idea that part of the deal included McConnell agreeing to help out Rand in the Kentucky legislature to get a bill passed that would allow Rand to run simultaneously for both his Kentucky US senate seat and the presidency at the same time, something that is not allowed by Kentucky law at present.

This comes back around to Dmitri Kesari, who was working the Kentucky legislature at the time the bill first came up  for a vote (It failed to pass by just a few votes.). At that same time Kesari was working the Kentucky legislature, curiously, McConnell was making payments to Kesari into one of Kesari's infamous shell companies. Those, who know Kesari, wonder just exactly what he did for the money and suggest that this is probably proving a fruitful direction for government investigators.

Time will tell, how all this plays out.. Rand is very unlikely to be directly linked, but Mrs. Paul is correct, it is about going after Rand...and beyond.



  1. That would explaining the constant tying libertarianism to republicanism as usual in the media. Then its just a case of tossing sausage ingredients in the faces of grand jurors.

  2. This is what "Libertarian Lite" and "Libwaps" get you. There is a deliberate distortion of Libertarian meaning in order to try and capitalize on winning the political followers of Ron Paul.

    Rand doesn't get to have it both ways. IMHO, talking out both sides of his mouth and diluting the libertarian message is going to be a disaster for the Republican Party. As it should be.

    There is something to be said about following a very rigid ideal that is the basis of Libertarianism, the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). The very thing that is wrong with the political establishment and the state is the fact that it is diametrically opposed to the individual. They cannot be reconciled, because in order to do that, either you violate the NAP and it, along with Libertarianism becomes worthless, or the NAP is followed and the state has to wither away.

    Anyone who talks about being able to compromise or reform the state in order to be more "Libertarian" like doesn't understand the NAP and is probably outright lying to you in order to dupe you into following the status quo.

    The NAP was created specifically as an antidote to the many trying to take from the one. The NAP is water to the state's fire, it is the chemical base that neutralizes acid. You cannot mix the two and expect coexistence.