Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oh Boy, Rand Paul Says He’s Planning San Francisco Office Soon

Grab your pop corn, this is going to be fun. Rand Paul is coming to my neighborhood.

Carla Marinucci reports for the San Francisco Chronicle:
In a move that may signal that Republican Rand Paul is edging closer to becoming a likely 2016 White House contender, the Kentucky Senator says he is planning soon to open an office in San Francisco, one of the nation’s strongest Democratic bastions — and a convenient link to Silicon Valley.
Though there are no specific dates yet planned, “”we’re in the process of it,” Paul said in an interview Saturday with the Chronicle at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, during his appearance at the state GOP convention. Asked why he has chosen San Francisco as a base, he said: “There’s lot of smart people in Silicon Valley and we want to use their brains to figure out how to win.”

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  1. RW - Rand Paul is likely coming to my business (I'm the owner) in October. I'll e-mail you details.