Tuesday, September 30, 2014

OMG The Latest Insane Scare: The Pull of Gravity is Decreasing Because of Climate Change

Lindsay Adams at Salon writes in a post titled, The unstoppable Antarctic ice melt is actually affecting gravity
There are plenty of reasons to fear the unstoppable collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet: extreme sea-level rise could spell doom for vast areas of cropland, for one. Oh, and the ice’s disappearance is decreasing the pull of gravity in the region. 
After leading with that scare, Adams pulls back, as if by, well, the force of gravity and discounts all the nonsense in her lead two paragraphs:
This is only a small shift in gravity — certainly not worth freaking out over as much as, say, up to ten feet of sea level rise in coming centuries. 
Coming centuries? Oh yeah.



  1. You know, I have read that fluoride in the water is making people stupider. I'm beginning to wonder whether it is true.

  2. Soon penguins will be able to fly again.

  3. Among many breeds of liberal the environmentalists have the be the most retarded of them all.

  4. This is great news: I can finally shed those last five pounds!

  5. Coming centuries? The accuracy of weather forecasts for the coming weeks has something to be desired.

    It is interesting that a miniscule change in gravitational pull of a region is detectable (or is this theory, I did not read the article) and that changes of ice sheets in a region causes such gravitational fluctuations, but to use one of the weakest forces of nature (the weakest long distance force) for scare porn is ....

  6. Gravity is a function of mass. Mass cannot be created or destroyed. A phase change from solid to liquid does not change the mass of the water, only the volume. So no, the earth's gravitational pull is not being effected by climate change.