Thursday, September 4, 2014

OpenSecrets Confirms EPJ Report that Ron Paul's Emails Have Been Subpoenaed

In an extensive report by  Russ Choma of, Choma confirms my earlier reports that the emails of Ron Paul and many others, surrounding "Ron Paul Inc." have been subpoenaed. Choma writes:
 A copy of a subpoena issued by a grand jury in the Southern District of Iowa, obtained by OpenSecrets Blog, confirms Platt’s claims that federal investigators are looking into the Kesari brothers and the company Platt previously owned with Pavlo Kesari. The subpoena, which appears to have gone to a number of individuals, covers any correspondence between 17 individuals, including both Kesari brothers, about any relationships between the Paul campaign, Sorenson, ICT, Performance Video and Control Video.
A number of Bachmann campaign officials are also listed on the subpoena, such as Guy Short, a campaign consultant, and Andy Parrish, who was her chief of staff and later said publicly that Bachmann’s campaign paid for Sorenson’s support. Bachmann’s spokesperson did not return calls seeking comment... 
The subpoenaed records include “the contents of all emails associated with the Subject Accounts.” That supports a post earlier this month by libertarian blog claiming that sources close to Ron Paul said that his personal email account had been subpoenaed; those sources denied Paul had engaged in any wrongdoing. Paul did not respond to attempts to contact him, nor did his daughter, Lori Pyeatt, who is listed as the treasurer of his 2012 presidential campaign. A spokesman for the Department of Justice would say only that “an investigation is ongoing. 
The subpoena lists several possible crimes being investigated including false reporting of campaign finance data by federal campaign committees, false statements to the FEC, obstruction of justice and concealing a federal crime.
The subpoena also demands emails showing any discussions between Jesse Benton — Ron Paul’s grandson-in-law who was chairman of the 2012 campaign and until last week ran Mitch McConnell’s campaign — and John Tate, Paul’s campaign manager, who now runs Campaign For Liberty, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit set up by Paul. Megan Stiles, a spokesperson for Campaign For Liberty, did not respond to a call seeking comment.

A partial copy of the subpoena, which was first published by is here.

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