Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Poll Indicates Another Problem for Rand

Politico reports:
Kentucky voters aren’t keen on allowing Rand Paul to run for both Senate and president in the same year, a new poll says.
According to a Bluegrass/SurveyUSA poll released Monday, 66 percent of Kentucky voters oppose a change in state law that would allow a candidate to run simultaneously for election to the Senate and White House. A majority of Republicans — 54 percent — oppose a change in the law, compared with 36 percent who support it. Fifty-seven percent of Kentucky independent voters oppose a change in the law, as well as 78 percent of Democrats...
Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer told The Washington Times in March that Paul asked him to work on changing the law.
The change could potentially provide some insurance to the Republican senator in 2016, giving him a chance to retain his Senate seat even if he were to run unsuccessfully for the White House.
As I reported earlier today, there also may be a problem for Rand with regard to work paid for by the Mitch McConnell campaign that went to dirty trickster Dmitri Kesari, who was working in Kentucky at the time of the payments. It appears he was possibly attempting to push a vote through that would allow Rand to simultaneously run for the presidency and his Senate seat. (SEE: Mrs. Ron Paul: They are going after my son!)


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