Wednesday, September 3, 2014

STRANGE: "Confessions of a recovering Libertarian: How I escaped a world of Ron Paul hero worship"

In a column at Salon that offers no critique of Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises or even Friedrich Hayek, Dustin Petzold tells us that:
Knee-jerk anti-government sentiment is not a viable political philosophy. It doesn’t work in theory, and is a disaster in practice, but it’s what libertarians have allowed their movement to become. 
But he spends most of his column bitching about beltarians. Strange, very strange.

Lesson to anyone who wants to get published at Salon. Write an essay, any kind of essay, on why you are leaving libertarianism and it will be much get published. Logic not required. Analytic critiques frowned upon. Distorted pictures of libertarianism a plus.



  1. They doth protest too much me thinks....

  2. Such "journalism" from Salon is unfortunately par for the course.

  3. In other words, just another day at 'Salon.'

  4. Kinda curious what statist found his price to turn his back on liberty.

  5. Mr. Petzold is the perfect illustration of libertarianism's ultimate problem: choosing between what is right and what is easy. It is easier to take, than to make. This is a reality that is not easily countered by words and ideas. And there is usually somebody more than willing to threaten violence to prove it.