Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stunning Drone Footage Reveals Just How Massive Hong Kong's Protests Really Are

(ht Bionic Mosquito)


  1. Bob, what do you think the odds are that our government had a role in stoking these protests as well?

  2. On the Moon of Alabama blog they show that the National Endowment for Democracy (front end of the CIA) has given 3 grants to Hong Kong. I showed it to a colleague of mine is from Hong Kong. He wrote back:

    I already knew that a while ago :-) There is a wealthy Hong Kong businessman with very strong anti-China sentiment. (He escaped from China to Hong Kong during the Mao era.) It was recently discovered that he put up tens of millions of dollars to support local anti-China activities and opposition legislators (HK).
    Guess what? His right-hand man in his business, an American, used to work for the CIA! It doesn't take a genius to figure out the rest :-)

  3. When will such protests come to Amerika?