Friday, September 5, 2014

The Headache That Jesse Benton Is Causing Mitch McConnell

Well, Jesse Benton has finally done something right for liberty. By being close to the payoff scandal surrounding the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign, Benton is causing all kinds of headaches for McConnell--and it couldn't happen to a more elitist establishment character. In the clip below, a Kentucky news station tries to get McConnell to discuss Benton. He doesn't. But, note well, the clip includes reference to McConnell being awarded an award from Drug Enforcement agents, McConnell's support of Obama's bombing of ISIS and McConnell's hedging on the evil minimum wage. What a creep. There is nothing close to small government about this guy and it just shows you who Rand Paul will get in bed with to advance his own political career.


And more fun for McConnell, his opponent, Allison Grimes, has released these questions she would like McConnell to answer:
Senator McConnell:

1. When did you know that Benton was potentially tied to the federal criminal investigation of a bribery scandal?

2. What did Benton tell you his involvement was in paying off the former state senator in Iowa? Is Benton the subject of a federal investigation?

3. Are you certain none of your endorsers have been paid off to join your team?

4. Was Benton involved in dangling "shiny political prizes" to Matt Bevin to stay out of the primary? Did it have anything to do with the jewelry store listed in the ethics report?

5. Why did you pay nearly $500,000 to two people potentially involved in a federal criminal investigation?

6. What project did you pay Dimitri Kesari $70,000 to do for your campaign?

7. Do you own any responsibility for handpicking and keeping Benton on the payroll while he was potentially tied to this criminal federal investigation? Why did you keep Benton on your payroll months after news that he might be tied to this bribery scandal?

8. Did you discuss the campaign tactics of Ron Paul's campaign with Benton?

9. Will you use your influence to urge Benton to answer press inquiries on this subject?

10. Why did you reluctantly accept Benton's resignation, instead of calling for it?

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