Thursday, September 4, 2014

The "There Is No Inflation" Report: 7 Things Rising in Price


Kraft  announced in its July 30 earnings call that it's raising prices on 50 percent of its products. It's "the right move for the long term," said CEO Tony Vernon. The company said it's dealing with "truly unprecedented" prices for milk, meat and other ingredients. Kraft is raising prices by 5 percent to 12 percent on cheese and 10 percent on many Oscar Mayer deli meats...


The average price of bacon is up 14 percent from last year and 41 percent from 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Hershey,  the largest candy maker in the U.S., raised its chocolate prices about 8 percent in July. Now Mars says it will roll out a 7 percent average price hike.


Utilities across the country have either already hiked electricity rates or plan to soon. Southern California Edison raised residential rates an average of 8 percent this summer, while Avista Utilities in Idaho is petitioning for a 4.2 percent rate increase.


The skyrocketing price of coffee beans has pushed Starbucks (SBUX) to raise prices in its U.S. cafes and stores.


The average roundtrip ticket has risen to $509.15.


So far this year, poultry has been an affordable alternative for shoppers as the cost of beef and pork soared. But now chicken is seeing its own pricing spike, says consumer expert Andrea Woroch.

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