Friday, September 19, 2014

Top Rand Paul Aide: Libertarians Will Never Be Able to Change Rand's Pro-Airstrike View

In a post titled, Rand Paul’s Fans Hate His ISIS Plan, Olivia Nuzzi reports from the Liberty Political Action Conference that is being held just outside of Washington D.C.:
The senator disappointed his fringe, libertarian followers with his support of airstrikes....
 In the lobby of the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel in Virginia on Thursday evening, a 62-year-old man named Charles sat patiently as he waited for the Liberty Political Action Conference to begin...“The apple fell a little far from the tree,” he sighed. “I’m not a big supporter of the wars in the Middle East. That war’s supposed to be over. I’m surprised he’s supporting anything there.”...
[A] tree-like man technically named Glenn Jacobs—but who you may know by Kane, his pro-wrestling name...said he did not support the airstrikes. “No, no,” because “I think what ends up happening is you have unintended consequences.” Paul, he said, seemed to be playing politics: “Because of political expediency, sometimes that’s what you have to do.” Kane said he agreed with Paul on some things, but agreed with his father more...

Doug Stafford, a senior aide for Rand Paul, told me that the liberty-lovers’ disappointment in Paul’s support for airstrikes would never change his position. “It’s what he believes. He believes it’s the right thing to do.”



  1. Rand may be a warmonger, but at least he's our warmonger. He's a libeetarian leaning warmonger. Or a warmonger with a libertarian tinge or whatever. But he's our guy, the son of our Guru so libertarians must support h.

    1. It's not the person we support but the ideas and the more those ideas are watered down the less I am interested.

  2. It is always tragic to see the corrupted heart of another human being.

  3. I guess Rand really believes that ISIS doesn't come from CIA/Saudi funding and support either.