Monday, September 29, 2014

UPDATE: The Anarchist Kid on 'Madame Secretary' is He Influenced by

I have already commented on the new television show 'Madam Secretary' (See: 'Madam Secretary': Hints of Anarchism and Conspiracy Theory) and the kid who is approximately 14 years old and the son of the the Secretary of State, in the series.

I am still uncertain about the series over all, but episode 2, which aired last night, continues to suggest that the short scenes with the son, Jason McCord (played by Evan Roe), in them, are going to be fun scenes for libertarians to look forward to.

In the episode,  an older daughter of the Secretary of State decides to quit college. This results in a scene where the parents show great concern about this turn of events, but where the scene then includes the 14-year old anarchist son proclaiming about his sister, the way any 14-year old reader of might proclaim, "I applaud her leaving a corrupt system."


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