Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Want to Be Stinking Rich? Major in Economics.

So says Jordan Weissmann:

Want to guarantee yourself a steady, well-paid career? Major in engineering. Want to take a shot at striking it rich? Then major in economics.
At least, that's how I'd sum up the findings of a new report and interactive tool from the Hamilton Project, which looks at how the value of a college degree changes depending on your major. This is already a pretty well-explored subject. But the Hamilton study is especially nifty, because instead of calculating what the "typical" college graduate can expect to make over the course of a career, like many researchers do, it shows a whole range of potential outcomes, from the fifth percentile of earners up to the 95th percentile. And of the best-paid graduates in all fields, economics majors rake in the most.
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  1. Indeed. If you can get a gig, the university or house economist position is extremely lucrative.

    1. Most of those positions are instructor/researchers or in the case of a "house economist" a public relations position. The real money is in positions managing capital.