Saturday, September 20, 2014

What the Hell is This? The Head of the Federal Election Commission is Speaking at the Liberty Pac Conference

The Liberty Political Action Conference, which is put together by the Campaign for Liberty, is deteriorating by the day.

The chairman of the Federal Election Commission, Lee Goodman, spoke at LPAC on Friday.

Goodman is a typical Republican politician. He talks a somewhat free market game, but is completely tied up in politics and never ending wheeling and detailing for more power and privilege.

Goodman has donated about $18,600 to federal candidates and political committees, FEC records show.

Goodman donated $750 to Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign and $2,000 to Bush’s 2004 re-election efforts.

In 2008, Goodman contributed $1,000 to Republican John McCain’s presidential campaign. Anybody ,that has given the correct time of day to the warmonger McCain, should have been banned from the conference, never mind someone who gave $1,000 to the warmonger's campaign.

What makes this all the more curious is that the investigation by the DOJ into Ron Paul Inc. centers to a significant degree around violations of FEC laws. I can't think of any other time that a government investigation of an organization has gone on, where the head of the agency involved in the investigations chose to collect a speakers fee check from the organization under investigation. Strange, very strange.


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