Sunday, September 7, 2014

Whatever Happened to Global Warming?

US winter temperatures plummeted from 1950 to 1979. Scientists reacted to this with the global cooling scare, as reported by Science News in 1975

NASA warned of a new ice age by the year 2020.

After 1979, temperatures got much warmer, so NASA’s James Hansen began the global warming scare.

But after the year 2000, temperatures began to plummet again. So NASA and NOAA responded with the only sensible solution. They altered the data to eliminate the earlier warmth and the current cooling.

But the data tampering wasn’t enough to keep up with cooling temperatures – so a few years ago they renamed “global warming” as “climate change”

(from Real Science Blog)


  1. Here in the south we've recorded the coldest August in history. Zero 100+ days, and dozens of record low temps at night.

    Global warming would open up new tillable areas. A new Ice Age would kill millions. Or billions.

  2. Time will debunk their bogus argument.

  3. I haven't heard a peep outta my liberal bar mates this summer. I suspect it's because the weather has been so beautiful.

    Check this out:

    "Man is faced with an ecological crisis. This crisis has developed as a consequence of increasing mismanagement of the world environment and unrestrained growth of human populations.It not only threatens his chances for achieving an adequate standard of living for the present human population, but also threatens his chances for continued existence as a species."
    -Collier, Cox, Johnson, Miller; Dynamic Ecology, 1973

    So that was more than forty years ago. But here we are, still on the cusp of some sort of Armageddon. That is, unless we empower our wise overlords, propelled by their trusty technocrats, to save humanity.

    The problem is, peoples memories are so short, they think this "threat" is something new. I mean, people still make the same arguments that Rev. Thomas Malthus made hundreds of years ago. People still think mechanization is a bad thing. Yet they laugh at guys like peter schiff and ron paul when they say we cant print money forever.

    1. And the greenies' solution is more gummint planning. Think "Bulgarian Heavy Metals". Yeah, that'll fix it.