Wednesday, September 3, 2014

While Obama and Rand Flip Out Over ISIS...

Three died and  37 were wounded in Labor Day weekend shootings in Rahmaland. To put it bluntly, this is a lot more violence than the beheading by ISIS of one adrenalin-rush seeking reporter (SEE: How to Get Captured by ISIS) .

There really isn't much that the US government can do against a guerrilla warfare-like group thousands of miles away, other than get the Empire bogged down in yet another unwinnable war. But the government can do something about the urban primitivism that exists in most major U.S. cities. The government can start by eliminating minimum wage laws, which will result in the least productive being able to get jobs. Eliminating all drug laws and eliminating compulsory school attendance, compulsory attendance at a useless public school does nothing but fuel the hating of civilization that government regulations cause in the urban primitives.

The focus on ISIS should demonstrate once again, to the thinking class, the observation of Randolph Bourne that "war is the health of the state." The focus on ISIS is pure evil misdirection that attempts to show value and importance in the state's role in bringing justice on earth. This so-called value is a myth. The state is the instigator of battles. Obama and Rand are proving this, once again.

Thrill seekers aside, if Americans stay out of the badlands, then the badlands are no problem for America.


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  1. Criminal violence allows government to increase its power domestically. It has limited interest in showing that it is doing something to get votes to do more. Ultimately continued failure is success like most if not all their domestic operations. Success does not increase budgets, manpower, or power. Failure does.