Friday, September 19, 2014

Will I Get Killed at My Gym?

Travis Holte emails:
I thought of you and "wasting water" when I read this:

South S.F. gym member kills another with bar, police say
Here is a little background on what is going on at my health club, see: Another Wenzel 'Water Shortage' Confrontation at the Gym.

Since I wrote the above post in July, things have gotten worse. Whereas I used to get confronted once every six months, now I get confronted about once a week. It's largely because the state is running many more drought warning/ water "shortage" propaganda commercials.

In response, I have just completed a monograph that I am going to pass out to anyone that confronts me at the gym: Dear Fellow Health Club Member, Please Leave Me The Hell Alone; An economic analysis of the current water "shortage"

I am going to give the monograph a once over read this weekend and then have it printed up.

I will probably put it up on Kindle and offer a hard copy to any EPJ readers who want it.



  1. I stopped going to gyms because of just getting sick of dealing with the general jackasses that populate it.

    1. Yep, I've always done calisthenics for the same reason, with running on the off days.

      I just moved to swimming instead of running because it's easier on my aging it. Herschel Walker is my role model in that area: