Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Dow Jones Publication Just Called Janet Yellen a Psychopath

A long-time professional trader and EPJ reader just sent ma an email that reads:
Excellent column on MarketWatch, Dow Jones publication, calling Yellen a psychopath ...

The essay by Chris Martenson is truly must read. It discusses Yellen's recent speech on inequality. Martenson does a blow-by-blow take down of the speech and explains how the Fed is responsible for the type of inequality we are now seeing.

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  1. That is a great editorial and encouraging that it is in a mainstream media publication. I hope it goes viral. But Yellen is no more sociopathic than Bernanke or Greenspan or any of the FED presidents. Every one of them was and is as sick as FDR and his murderous reign didn't stop until he died in office. Even then Truman followed through on FDR's tragic path. The challenge is to take action that will prevent them from hurting us. Begin by refusing to support the political system that allows these sociopaths to thrive.