Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HOT: New Yorker Has Audio Recording; Denies Rand Paul's Charge of Being Misquoted

Well this is going to get interesting. A spokesperson for the New Yorker denies the Rand Paul allegation (SEE: Rand Paul Says He Was Misquoted By The New Yorker) that he was misquoted. New Yorker has issued the following statement to me:
"We have an audio recording of the interview; we've reviewed the recording and the interview is quoted accurately and in context, as reported in the piece." 



  1. I literally JUST asked this question on the previous post....

    Rand's foot just keeps getting shoved in deeper and deeper...although he can still blame the aide that conversed with Walter....claiming it's all a big misunderstanding.

  2. Agreed. The New Yorker is as trustworthy as the NYT.

  3. Thing is guys, I don't remember the NYT's ever denying what Walter ACTUALLY said, they just refused to retract their interpretation of it and/or contextualize it.

    In this circumstance, the very words are contested. The New Yorker has actual quote marks around the comment in would be very bold of them to make such a claim, back it up even on the phone with RW...only to later have to admit they lied not once, but twice.

    Even for an establishment rag, it seems a step too far. Perhaps time will tell and we'll get the recording.