Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Become a Professional Libertarian Blogger and Make Between $30,000 and $250,000 a Year

This is big. I am going to be conducting an online class on Saturday, November 15 on how to become a professional libertarian blogger.

I will be discussing all the secrets I have learned blogging here at EPJ. It is a myth that there is no market for libertarianism. I see, day after day, other libertarian bloggers make all kinds of mistakes that prevent them from becoming successful bloggers. The mistakes occur in marketing, content, style and format. That will change for those who take this course.

If you have been thinking about running a blog, how to make a career out of libertarianism or already have a blog, this course will be of utmost value to you.

In this course, I will cover everything from how to get started, to the best ways to generate revenues. It will include detailed descriptions of the many techniques I have used to build my traffic and details of what I learned from testing different methods before even launching EPJ. I will even detail my famed "Drudge Formula" and explain how to employ it.

But the key will be a focus on becoming a professional blogger.  And while the focus of this course will be libertarian blogging, what I discuss will also be applicable to anyone starting a blog on any other subject. So whatever type of blog that you have been thinking of launching (or currently run), there will be much value in this course.

What I am going to discuss are methods that, for the most part, I have never seen written about or discussed anywhere else before. This is going to be a real insider's view. I am going to let it all out in this course. I am going to discuss what I do in running my blog, but also point out other blogs, and web sites, that have even more traffic than I do and what they do to gain their audiences.

I have seen many people spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, to get a fancy web site designed and yet spend nothing to understand how to market and develop a libertarian blog. In the past, there just hasn't been a resource that explains the detailed ins and outs of how to properly market and manage a libertarian blog. I am changing that with this course and the cost will be less than what it costs to get a decent design for a web site. And it certainly will cost a lot less than what it costs to get a college education that will leave you clueless about what to do with the rest of your life. I am designing this course to be a game changer in your life.

I hope you can join me on what could truly put you on the path to a rewarding, exciting and important career.


Here are the details:

The course is going to be 3 hours (plus) and will start at 1:00 PM ET on Saturday, November 15.

I will lecture for 3 hours and will then open it up for questions. The class will not end until all questions are answered. You will be able to throw as many questions at me for as long as you want.

There are two ways to  watch the course. You can listen live, online, on Saturday, November 15, which means you will be able to participate in the question and answer period or you can listen to an online recorded video of the live event, which will be available on December 1.

The fee for the live course is $320.00 and you can sign up here:

The fee for the taped recording is $180.00 and you can sign up here:


  1. Bob,

    Very interesting! Will the presentation be available for those who buy it to watch again later? Or, do I need to take very detailed notes?

    1. I am going to provide some back up notes and it will be available for a limited additional period. But it will make sense to take notes.

  2. Bob, this is interesting and I hope very successful. The more libertarian blogs the better. Try to sign up Victor! Im 53 and have a business that takes most of my time........but of I was 25 watch out!!

    1. "Im 53 and have a business that takes most of my time........but of I was 25 watch out!!"

      Same boat here, love your comment. (and I've got other side quasi businesses too in addition to time with 4 young kids)

      Good to know RW is fostering guys like Victor along and helping them to be more successful.

  3. For my schedule, the taped version works better (and is less expensive). Will we be able to watch the taped version more than once, or is this a "one-shot" deal?

    1. Yes, the taped version will be up to subscribers for at least 3 months.

  4. Bob, do you have a transcript of the taped version? I'm old school and learn better via reading.