Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jeb Bush Preparing to Run?

Roger Stone reports:
Multiple sources report that former Governor Jeb Bush is moving inexorably towards a 2016 Presidential candidacy. Politico reported that "A person in attendance at the former president’s 90th birthday party in Kennebunkport this past June said the elder Bush spoke of a Jeb Bush candidacy as a near certainty. The elder Bush is also said to have leaned on his son to run."and "Jeb Bush’s father , (Family patriarch George H. W. Bush) is eager for his son to run, even telling a visitor at a recent family gathering in Kennebunkport, Maine, that a presidential campaign and a "return of the family dynasty to power was a near certainty".
Will this mean a Jeb Bush-Rand Paul ticket? All indications are that Rand is close to the Bush family crime syndicate. If Rand does well in the 2016 primaries, he could be a very strong VP possibility.



  1. Jeez, why not just give up now. having the a Bush on the ticket would just be gravy for Hilary's campaign who would point out that Libertarianism is just another name for Republicanism.

  2. Oh great. Another Bush - Clinton choice. Just shoot me now.

  3. Hasn't this family inflicted enough damage to America already?