Friday, October 10, 2014

Major League Global Cronies Face Serious Price Inflation

FT reports that the World Economic Forum has sent out a letter to multinational companies announcing that annual membership in the crony annual sitdown has been raised by 20%

.Writing to its 120 “strategic partners”, the WEF raised annual fees from SFr500,000 ($523,000) to SFr600,000 ($627,600)

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  1. An Open Letter to the Mining Industry

    Below is a letter I plan to send to each producing mining company and precious metals mutual fund that I own personally. Gold and silver prices have been diluted by paper contracts to the point where no money can be made producing gold and an industry loss producing silver. Years ago, Rob McEwen of Goldcorp decided to withhold the sale of gold production to be held in their treasury until prices were higher. THIS is exactly what needs to be done now as a counterbalance to the unbacked paper contracts being sold to depress prices. The COMEX and naked shorts need to be starved for metal, the strong demand is doing this slowly while the mining industry could do this very quickly.

    Please, copy and paste the below and sign with your name to any producing mining companies you have investments in. Also, do the same for any gold mutual funds you may own and ask the money manager to contact their holdings with this same letter. Government has an incentive to keep metals prices down and the lapdog regulators are allowing it to happen. Price manipulation is illegal, if the authorities will not fix it, hopefully the industry itself has sense enough to finally do something!