Monday, October 20, 2014

Price Inflation for the Masses: McDonald's Gets More Expensive

Gasoline prices are falling and that will mean subdued climbs in various prices indexes, but that doesn't mean prices aren't climbing in other sectors. Including McDonald's. where millions eat daily.

Bloomberg reports:
While the company still offers several items for $1, its menu is quietly getting more expensive. McDonald’s said its prices were up about 3 percent through the end of June compared with 12 months earlier. That’s more than the 2.5 percent gain in prices for food Americans purchased away from their homes in the year through August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.. 
McDonald’s famous Dollar Menu now includes items that cost more than $1, and other items are creeping above $5. At some McDonald’s locations in Chicago’s Loop, a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries and a drink totals about $7.50. Chicken Club sandwiches are $4.45, $4.99 and $5.19 at different Chicago McDonald’s restaurants, without sides or a beverage...
Restaurants are being pressured into boosting prices because of rising beef, cheese and pork prices...U.S. restaurants plan to boost prices 2 percent during the next six months, more than the 1.7 percent average increase from the prior 12 months, according to an October survey by restaurant researcher MillerPulse in Atlanta.


  1. Our family has noticed the costs of food, both in the grocery and the prices of menus eating out have risen substantially in the past 6 months. A perfect example is Costco's Organic Hamburger was originally $16 for 4lbs and has now gone up to $19, almost a 20% increase. We went to go eat at a Indian Casino Buffet last night that used to be a good value, but they lowered the age that kids are now charged as adults from 13 years old to 10, which effectively increased prices for our child by 65% and increased the cost of dinner for us by 15%.

    This is happening to everything related to eating, but especially meat related.

    1. My wife has noticed the same thing. Dairy is another area heavily affected. A 5-lb. block of cheese now runs $20 locally. It wasn't all that long ago (just a few months), that the same block was $15.

    2. Never heard of government cheese eh?

      I keeeeeeed!!!!!!!