Sunday, October 12, 2014

Protect Your Private Wealth From Investment Property Liabilities Using LLCs

Shelly Roberson informs:
Almost all personal and investment real estate, including primary residences, rental and investment properties, and vacation homes can be included as assets in an LLC.  If properly formed and allocated this possibly can allow all residences and any type of real estate to be protected from seizure.  Importantly, an LLC can be a single member LLC asset, with a single owner, and still be considered a valid asset shelter.  If a real estate loan is required, the LLC may be eligible for special loan terms, but more than likely there are special rules which must be abided by if transferring a property already encumbered into an LLC.  Check with your loan documents or loan broker for the requirements.

Important assets should each be in a separate LLC and never be easy to find. Generally use LLCs with an LLC manager.

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  1. Traders should also set up their own LLC in order to benefit from some tax advantages.