Monday, October 27, 2014

Socialism Always Ends the Same Way

 Glenn Reynolds writes:
SOCIALISM ALWAYS ENDS THE SAME WAY: Venezuela seizes warehouses packed with medical goods, food. It always starts with hope, change and social justice, and it ends with assaults on the “hoarders and wreckers.”


  1. The problem with this sort of simplistic analysis is blaming "socialism" instead of the natural right to any sovereign society/state offers up against US Imperialism. That is why there are so few articles blaming socialism for the sad state Syria finds itself in for getting into the crosshairs of USG.

    "National Socialsim" was and is a reactionary thing, and libertarians need to deepen their analysis or they end up quoting LOL Glenn Reynolds--whom I am sure would love to see an Economic Hitman/CIA approved loser run this country or that.

    1. Huh?
      I think the idea is that socialism doesn't work. Regardless of U.S. bullying.
      Hell, it doesn't work here in the U.S.
      It's self-inflicted because it removes price signals.
      Simplistic? no. Simple? yes.

    2. If Glenn Reynolds also holds a doom sort of vision that the folks socialism in our country is working for (e.g. Goldman Sachs, Citi...) will end in assaults on "hoarders and wreckers", maybe he has a point worth discussing.

      Other than that, it's just a simplistic reductionions that lumps libertarians in with blabbering 'free mahket' conservatives and Republicans aka stock and bond jobbers. The same sort who point to NAFTA or the Trans Pacific Parternship as a "free trade" bill "libertarians" should naturally support.

      Venezuela, like many revisionist powers before, it attempting to keep the US out; what set of choices do they have?