Monday, October 6, 2014

The 3 Best Performing Assets YTD

Huh, Bitcoin didn't make it:

Coffee +87%
Cattle +44%
Hogs +24%

(via StockTwits)


  1. neither did gold or silver chief

  2. you left out history pension.

    Retired CUNY professor gets $560K a year pension

    He’s New York’s pension king.

    Retired Queens College history professor Edgar J. McManus, 90, gets a city pension of $561,286 a year, newly released figures show.

    His payout is the highest by far in both the city and state teachers retirement systems, according to data obtained by the Empire Center for Public Policy, an Albany-based think tank.

    The city Teachers Retirement System, or TRS, administers pensions for 80,300 members, mostly former employees of the Department of Education and some from CUNY.

    The city’s second-biggest pension, $308,358, goes to Alvin Marty, a Baruch College economics professor who retired after 55 years in 2008.
    McManus, who has written groundbreaking books on slavery, retired in February 2012 after teaching history and constitutional law for more than 50 years. His final salary was $116,364.

    “They don’t pay you much when you’re working, but the pension is certainly good,” McManus told The Post. “Darn right I deserve it.”