Thursday, October 16, 2014

What Did George Mason University's Tyler Cowen Think About the Massive Quantitative Easing Money Printing of the Federal Reserve?

He is really a Krugmanite on Fed printing. He tells us in an early morning post today:
I have supported the various QEs from the beginning, while seeing them as limited in their efficacy.  At the time, and still, I feared deflationary pressures more than high inflation. 

Got that? He is in favor of the money printing, which means he is ignoring Austrian School Business Cycle Theory. I say ignore, rather than unfamiliar, because people tell me he knows exactly how Fed money printing distorts the economy.

And he also knows that deflation, as a problem is a myth. SEE: Murray Rothbard and the Deflation Bogey

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  1. More fundamentally, Cowen apparently never learned or conveniently forgot the undeniable truth of prices as information and distorted prices as disinformation.