Saturday, October 18, 2014

What Do Baby Boomers Want (Now That They are Far From Being Babies)

The Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and Philips  polled 1,000 people ages 50 to 80 years old to determine what they wanted. The results:

Respondents are focused on maintaining independence: When it came to home features boomers said they might be willing to spend money on, about 60 percent said they would be interested in technology such as stove tops or ovens that automatically shut off, and 46 percent of respondents would be interested in a single remote control that will manage everything in their home. Meanwhile, 41 percent of those who were surveyed were interested in driverless cars.

Connectivity is king: About 80 percent said they felt the most important factors for their communities as they aged are high-speed Internet access, followed by grocery stores and access to medical centers.

Basic design still matters: In terms of other features found to be most important for home design, 58 percent said they’d prefer a low-maintenance exterior, while 54 percent said they wanted master bedrooms and baths located on the first floor and effective lighting throughout the house.

(via Washington Business Journal)

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  1. Another interesting question is what percentage of the Boomer population is expecting that Social Security will be their primary source of income after hitting age 65? Any info on that RW?