Friday, October 24, 2014

What Jobs Your City Is Most Known For

Sohan Murthy at the LinkedIn blog published a map Wednesday that shows which skills and jobs are most disproportionately represented in American cities based on data from LinkedIn members.

The map doesn’t show the most common job in each city. Instead, it shows which jobs are observed at a disproportional rate in different metropolitan areas among LinkedIn members

She writes:
A few things stood out when looking at our map of the US.

Follow the oil! Its always fascinating when geological features present themselves in socioeconomic data. Members with skills valued by the petroleum industry are much more likely to found in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and most recently North Dakota.

Rust belt remnants. The automotive industry’s impact on Michigan and parts of Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania is evident in the manufacturing and engineering skills held by its members.

Some cities really do fit their stereotype. When we looked at Los Angeles and Nashville, we were a bit amused to see the prominence of music, TV, and drama-related skills. After all, LA has Hollywood, and Nashville is the country music capital of the world!
The map is here.

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