Friday, October 31, 2014

WOW The Insiders Act: The Account Of Swiss Gold Initiative Organization Has Been Frozen

I just wrote yesterday that the Establishment will do everything they can to stop the Swiss Gold Referendum to pass (SEE: Expect Attacks on Gold as the Swiss Gold Referendum Vote Approaches), but I didn't expect reporting this so quickly as a follow up.

Paypal has frozen the funds of an organization where donations could be made to support the campaign to get the referendum passed.

 Egon von Greyerz, who is founder of Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland reports:
I have been involved in the Swiss Gold Initiative.  The Swiss National Bank is opposing this initiative.  They have admitted that it stops their ability to manipulate markets.  The campaign is going well.  The public has generously donated because of KWN and other sites.  But that came to a stop two days ago when Paypal closed the account for donations and they froze the funds that were in that account without any warning.
So unfortunately the campaign cannot receive some of those donations which were just frozen.  Paypal will not even answer the questions we are asking them, but I assume the money will be returned to the donors.  Clearly the powers that be did not want the campaign to receive this money.  We will keep on fighting for this campaign because gold will always have an advantage over worthless printed pieces of paper that governments and central banks create at will in order to manipulate markets.


  1. Gold got murked overnight too.


  2. This is why Bitcoin is our last hope for freedom. The Establishment can NOT shut down nor freeze Bitcoin accounts. The Swiss Gold Initiative could still thrive by accepting donations in Bitcoin, just like WikiLeaks survived its banking blockade by accepting Bitcoin donations.

    1. Exactly. Bitcoin is many things. Bitcoin is a payment network. Bitcoin is a currency. Bitcoin is a contracting system. But most of all, Bitcoin is freedom.

  3. Wow. The gloves come off and the sociopathic criminals known as Banksters don't even try to pretend anymore. They see awareness rising and they will do anything to stop it including, no doubt, murder. Just curious whether PayPal was a willing or unwilling participant.

  4. Friggin Paypal...unbelievable...I hope one day a viable competitor to them comes into the marketplace. (universally accepted, CC ability, no gov't heat, etc.)

  5. Freedom does not come from technology, Bitcoin or VISA or Paypal or Uber or the internet. It comes when enough people want it. In fact Bitcoin is rapidly becoming just another crony business tied to government regulatory agencies. When enough people choose freedom, then there will an advancement in wealth and wellbeing that will dwarf what has come so far.

  6. Fuck Pay Pal - These A/Holes debited my Credit Card & gave me a receipt - yet refuse to give me a refund or even acknowledge that I'm due a refund. Be warned - this is what will happen as a RULE -once they have managed to take CASH out of the economy. Any thoughts re a refund will be welcome.