Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Amazon Cuts Fire Phone Price Ahead of Holidays

Amazon has cut the price for its Fire smartphone just ahead of the Black Friday weekend as it seeks to sell a lot of slow-moving inventory. The phone is now available for $199 without a carrier contract. That price includes a one-year Prime membership, which typically costs $99 a year. That's a $250 price cut from the Fire's original price when it launched in July.

Amazon has been having difficulties selling the phone. Last quarter, it took a $170 million charge for the phone and vowed to undergo more drastic strategies to unload its inventory.

RW Note: I have seen the phone at the Amazon store at the Wakefield Mall in San Francisco and it looks good to me, and it has the Mayday feature, which allows an Amazon customer service rep to appear on screen and help you with any problems.

The one problem will be with any future apps. Since the phone isn't selling, app producers won't be spending time developing apps specifically for the phone, but it appears most current apps do have Fire phone versions.

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