Saturday, November 15, 2014

Anjem Choudary on Gold and Silver


WaPo writes:
Anjem Choudary has become one of Britain's most outspoken defenders of the Islamic State. Critics say he's helped indoctrinate dozens of impressionable young men who have gone on to plot or carry out attacks... the nation’s most prominent propagandist for the Islamic State sits in a London sweets shop, laying out his radical vision between bites of dessert.
Here's  Choudary on gold and silver:

NOTE: It should be noted that all Muslims respect gold, not just active fighters against the Empire. I made this point years ago:

 Although it is not widely understood Muslims have always respected gold. Indeed, even Louis Farrakhan...spoke highly about gold. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the Muslim religious leaders in part of Malaysia are calling for a gold-backed currency


  1. As provocative as the idea is, it can't be taken seriously on the basis of a couple of tweets and a hasty photoshop. Introducing bimetallic currency is not as easy as, say, beheading journalists.

    1. Beppe: We Are At War With The
      European Central Bank
      Italy's Beppe Grillo - the leader of the Italian Five Star Movement is trying to bring about a referendum for Italy to go back to the Italian Lira .. "Without Italy in the Euro, there’ll be an end to this expropriation of national sovereignty all over Europe. Sovereignty belongs to the people not to the ECB and nor does it belong to the Troika or the Bundesbank."