Sunday, November 30, 2014

Eight States Where Gas Will Drop Below $2

As the oil price continues to fall, consumers in some states may see gas below $2.00 per gallon.

The states likely to post sub- $2 gas  are near large refineries, and have low state gas taxes.

The eight states are are Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Missouri, and Tennessee.

(via 24/7)

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  1. I just returned from working a six month project in Billings, MT. In the city of Billings, they have three refineries: Exxon, Conoco and an independent whose name escapes me.

    I drove from Billings to Little Rock, Arkansas, Thanksgiving week. That's passing through eight states. Prices were higher in Billings than anywhere I stopped for fuel, along the way. I think the "fix is in" at the refinery level. The absence of ransportation costs payed no dividend at the local pump.