Sunday, November 2, 2014

Expats Rank the 10 Best Countries to Live In Abroad

HSBC released the results from their seventh Expat Explorer Survey. The British bank commissioned YouGov, a third party research company, to survey 9,288 expats from over 100 countries in an online questionnaire. The survey focused on three measures: economic well-being, raising children, and expat experience.

10. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is
a popular destination for professionals working in the financial sector, who account for 45% of the expats surveyed. Higher salaries and the chance of career progression attract foreigners, as well as Hong Kong’s location as a launchpad for travel.

9. India

43% of expats say they have a better work/life balance, with 39% commenting that they have a better social life and 60% noting that it's easier to make friends (compared to a global average of 50%).

8. Taiwan

93% of expats comment that they enjoy experiencing Taiwanese culture, from the Sky lantern festival to the temples and superstitions.

7. Thailand

lthough 77% of expats commented that they found it difficult to learn Thai, it didn't stop them from traveling. 68% say they travel more, taking advantage of Bangkok's position as gateway to the rest of Asia.

6. New Zealand

 Expat parents praised the country’s child friendly qualities. 87% note that their children enjoy a higher quality of life compared with the global average of 56%.

5. Bahrain

Even though 67% of expats comment that they have stronger ties to their new country, these expats are also among the most likely to say they retain close connections with their home country (91% compared to a global average of 82%).

4. Germany

70% of expats feel that their children’s general health and wellbeing is better in Germany than in their home country. The global average is 56%.

3. China

China ranks first on a range of economic measures including income, wealth and disposable income. “Everything revolves around food - business deals can be signed at the dinner table or even in karaoke!” says an expat in China.

2. Singapore

Expats enjoy the range of food available with 74% noting its multicultural influences.

1. Switzerland

Expats in Switzerland have an active lifestyle with 77% reporting that they take advantage of the pleasant climate and scenery compared with the global average of 48%.The country’s strong performance on the survey is attributed to high levels of economic satisfaction with 87% of Swiss expats noting that they are happy with the economy (compared to the 62% global average) and 85% of expats associating their new country with higher salaries than what they earned in their home country. The cost of living, however, is much higher in Switzerland with expats spending more on groceries (84%), healthcare (78%), and accommodation (77%). Nevertheless, 68% say that their disposable income increased since they moved to Switzerland, compared to a global average of 53%.

One downside to Switzerland? According to Expat Arrivals, it can be difficult to get close to the Swiss who have a reputation for being “reserved, conservative, and conformist.”

(via SF Chronicle)

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