Friday, November 21, 2014

LEAKED: Internal Uber Deck Reveals Staggering Revenue And Growth Metrics

Uber is a four-year-old mobile ride service company that could soon generate $10 billion of revenue per year, according to a source familiar with the numbers, reports Business Insider.

BI obtained an internal Uber presentation that's nearly 60 pages long last week that was produced in early 2014. In it, there's city-by-city data in terms of revenue, active drivers, average fares, active users, trips per week, and more.

Most of the data spans only one month, December 2013. Even though the numbers are dated, there's a lot to learn from it.

For example, San Francisco generated nearly $18 million of revenue that month. (Uber's revenue is the total amount it collects from riders, most of which Uber then pays to drivers.) A year of revenue at that monthly rate would make San Francisco alone a $212 million business annually for Uber. And that's just one market. That calculation also assumes no growth, and Uber has expanded to 230 cities since then.

BI Notes:
In December 2013, Uber generated about $11.7 million in Washington, D.C. (a ~$141 million annual run rate). It generated $26 million in New York City, or an annual run rate of $312 million. In Chicago, Uber generated $12.7 million for a run rate of $152.4 million. In San Francisco, Uber generated $17.7 million, a run rate of $212.4 million. Los Angeles generated somewhere between the revenue of New York and San Francisco. 
An annual run rate based on the December 2013 data for Uber's top five markets (NYC, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles) would generate about $1 billion a year.
The company's year-over-year growth rate from New Year's Eve 2012 to New Year's Eve 2013 was  369%.

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