Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lew Will Be Plotting in Brisbane, Australia

On Friday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will be in Brisbane, Australia for the G-20 Leaders' Summit.

In the morning, the Secretary will meet with the Business-20 delegates to the G-20 Leaders' Summit and discuss the Select USA initiative.

Also in the morning, the Secretary will meet with His Excellency Dr. Ibrahim Al-Assaf, Finance Minister of Saudi Arabia.

In the afternoon, Secretary Lew will meet with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.


  1. More comments about what's in storage for the summit would have been more welcome. A play by play for who is meeting who really doesn't provide much information at all…

  2. I always think, by the headline, that Mr. Rockwell is up to something. BTW Thomas, why are you reading ancient texts like this one?