Sunday, November 16, 2014

ObamaCare "Americans are Stupid" Consultant has been Paid Over $2 Million

A series of government contracts totaling more than $2 million for consulting services provided by Jonathan Gruber  are coming under scrutiny.

Eight states hired Gruber to help design their health exchanges after he made nearly $400,000 in 2009 through contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services, records show, according to NyPo.

WaPo reports:
[T]he passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 has been lucrative for Gruber and his microsimulation model. All told, he has been hired by at least eight states to provide advice or assist in creating the health-insurance exchanges that are at the heart of the Affordable Care Act: Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Not all of the contracts could be found on public Web sites, but here is a sampling. In some cases, Gruber worked with other consultants, so the fees were shared. These figures also might not represent the final payout, and of course these are gross figures, before expenses. But it’s safe to say that about $400,000 appears to be the standard rate for gaining access to the Gruber Microsimulation Model.

Michigan: $481,050

Minnesota: $329,000

Vermont: $400,000

Wisconsin: $400,000

Gruber has also earned more than $2 million over the last seven years for an ongoing contract with HHS to assess choices made by the elderly in Medicare’s prescription-drug plan.

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