Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Daughter of a Bankster Wants Tips on Finding Crimes

The daughter of top bankster Jamie Dimon needs your help. 

Just out of Columbia journalism school, Laura Dimon has landed a gig at the New York Daily News and is looking for assistance in finding criminal activity. She has tweeted out:

I just had this sent to her as a tip.


  1. If Laura sees daddy on turkey day maybe he will have some ideas on all of this. A good public domain e-book from 1912 by Alfred Crozier is U.S. Money vs. Corporation Currency Aldrich Plan
    Giving up the money system to the banking sector can arguably be cited as the end of America as we knew it.
    Happy Thanksgiving Laura!

  2. Sort of like Al Capone's daughter reaching out to see if anyone knows some mobsters she can interview.