Friday, December 26, 2014

Al Qaeda Recommends Targeting “American Economy High Profile Personalities” like Gates and Bernanke with Butt Bombers

In a discussion of  Al Qaeda's new butt bomb, The Intercept reports:
Rectal bombs are a touchy subject and Al Qaeda members aren’t the only ones afraid of talking about it. U.S. news organizations also struggled in trying to describe the al-Asiri attack with the New York Times writing that the “bomb had been hidden internally” (though the newspaper also referred to it later in the article as a “rectal bomb”) and the Associated Press merely says the bomb was “inside” Al-Asiri’s body (some accounts claimed it was strapped to al-Asiri’s legs).

The jihadist magazine [Inspire] claims to have been conducting recent experiments to identify easy-to-find materials for its rectal bomb (eggs, vinegar and nail polish are involved), and includes specific techniques for avoiding explosive detection screenings. “An [airport] employee pats most of the parts of the body EXCEPT some parts,” the article says.

The magazine points to several major U.S., British and French airlines that should be targeted with its new rectal bomb, and gives advice on which flights to book and where to sit on the airplane. In addition to civilian airlines, Inspire says butt bombers should consider assassination — “American economy high profile personalities,” like Ben Bernanke and Bill Gates.

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  1. I don't understand why they'd want to kill Bernanke. He has done more to destroy the US than ISIS could ever hope to. They should be giving him an award.