Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another Gold Repatriation Request

Belgium Gold Repatriation
By Louis Cammarosano

Belgium Is Exploring Repatriating its Gold

Map and flags of belgium and the Netherlands

The Netherlands recently repatriated a large portion of its gold. Belgium is considering a move to repatriate all of its gold

Fresh off the annoucement that the Netherlands had repatriated 122.5 tons of its gold, Dutch gold reseacher Koos Jansen, broke the story that the Belgium Central Bank is considering a similar move to repatriate its gold, serving up this video clip from Belgium TV:

Belgium Gold Reserves

Accoording to the World Gold Council, Belgium has 227.4 tons of gold or approximately 7.3 million ounces (the Netherlands has 612.5 tons or 19.6 million ounces).
Like Switzerland, Belgium has sold off a good portion of their gold reserves. Since 1989 Belgium has sold over 1,000 tons of its gold.
Now the Belgium Central Bank apparently wants all of what gold they have left back in its own vaults.
Gold Repatriation Requests Pile Up
The possible Belgium repatriation of their gold follows a recent gold repatriation request by France’s National Front to the Bank of France and the Dutch repatriation of their gold. These gold repatriation actions follow similar repatriation/audit requests from countries holding gold outside their borders including GermanyAustria, Switzerland (pursuant to a populist referendum Save Our Swiss Gold) and Venezuela (repatriation completed).
Gold at the New York Fed in Custody for Foreign Central Banks 2000-2014
chart showing amount of gold held by the NY fed for foreign central banks
Gold reserves held in custody for foreign central banks at the NY Federal Reserve are declining.
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  1. Good luck with repatriating anything but beer and chocolate. And I doubt anyone will give that up either.

  2. Shouldn't Belgium repatriate first and talk about it later? That is what the Dutch did. The Germans made a bunch of noise about it and got stiffed. I'm not sure the Fed and other good custodians want to set the precedent that gold is available for the asking.

  3. O My Gosh.....are the Banker Bastards shitting in their corporate government bought pants yet?

  4. My recommendation to Belgium would be to sell the useless junk and buy US Government Bonds, at least they would get some dividends. To keep gold only cost money.