Monday, December 1, 2014

AVAILABLE TODAY: How to Become a Professional Libertarian Blogger and Make Between $30,000 and $250,000 a Year

To listen to this course live. it would have cost you $320.00.

But the same live course is now in recorded fashion for $180.00, a savings of $140!

I had so much to discuss, the course went on for FOUR HOURS, instead of the scheduled THREE HOURS, followed by an hour of Q&A.

I am releasing this "Netflix-style." The full five hours are all available to listen to today, in 8 separate thirty-minute segments, plus a one hour Q&A segment.

Listen to it all at once or break it up in different segments, the choice is yours.

The course outline is here.

The fee for the taped recording is $180.00 and you can sign up here:

What they say about the course:

-Great stuff!

-Thanks for a great course.  You covered the all questions I had
formulated going in.

-I love the fact that you discussed specific details of what you did to generate traffic to your site and the detailed data on how your traffic grew!

-I am so psyched after your course that I went out and registered a few domain names.