Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cancellation of the Film "The Interview" May Cost Sony $100 Million in Revenues

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Wednesday that it will pull the planned Dec. 25 theatrical release of “The Interview>."

Sony said it has no further release plans for “The Interview,” including on DVD or video on demand.

Below, via, are the results for comparable films released in recent years, including theirr worldwide box office grosses, production budgets and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. All figures in the article are adjusted for inflation.


  1. We are a bunch of pussies. How in the hell could terrorists attack every single movie theater in the country? This is coming from someone who wasn't going to see it until it showed on comedy central in 5 weeks. The fall of Rome is so frustrating.

  2. I can just hear the government cries for more internet control...

  3. Don't make the mistake of thinking the terrorists won this one - the American people did. We were spared an inane movie from a couple of dopes.

  4. Why don't they just release the movie on BetaMax?

    There's also a meaning to how we are ruled in this. Why should US government politicians care about a Japanese corporation? Of course few people will ask this question and thus a little hint of how things really work will go unnoticed.

  5. A real blow. Now we will be deprived of learning about the real CIA, they aren't a bunch of torturers, liars murderers. They are wacky, crazy funny guys. Did they make comedies about the Gestapo in Nazi Germany I wonder.