Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Five Simple Questions That Reveal Your Financial Health: The Fed's View vs. My View

The St Louis Fed has published these five questions as a guide to determine your financial health:
Did you save any money last year?
Did you miss any payments on any obligations in the past year?
Did you have a balance on your credit card after the last payment was due?
Including all of your assets, was more than 10 percent of the value in liquid assets?
Is your total debt service (principal and interest) less than 40 percent of your income?
Here's my question that will really help determine your financial health:
How close are you and your job to the Fed money printing spigot? 
The closer you are to the spigot, the more of an edge you have, as you will get newly printed money before others--and have money to spend, spend, spend----and the 5 St Louis Fed questions become irrelevant.

Obviously very close to the Fed money spigot.

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  1. So the fed is saying that financially healthy people do everything the fed discourages and punishes then wonders why more people don't do these things.