Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Forget High Minimum Wage Order Takers: Pizza Hut Will Just Read Your Mind Instead

Pizza Hut is now testing technology that allows diners to order within seconds, using only their eyes.

Calling it "the world's first subconscious menu," the company has since October been testing a special eye-tracking tablet with some of the diners of its 300 locations across the U.K. The digital menu shows diners a canvas of 20 toppings and builds their pizza, from one of 4,896 combinations, based on which toppings they looked at longest. To try again, a diner can glance at a "restart" button.

The menu, built by Swedish eye-tracking firm Tobii Technology, is the product of six months of retina-scanning development and "psychological research," according to Pizza Hut, which is testing it for now only in the U.K. A potential expansion into the United States could be in the cards, based on how well the pilot system works.

(via WaPo)


  1. If Pizza Hut manages to successfully read my mind, they will deliver my pizza to the trash can and order Papa John's.

  2. Aren't most Pizza Hut customers themselves minimum wage workers?