Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hookers are 20% Cheaper in NYC Than SF

Via The Economist:

Note: There is a general downtrend in the price of prostitution since 2006, maybe this is where Krugman is experiencing the deflation he spends so much time talking about.


  1. Why are whores so expensive in Boston ?
    What kind of whores are they talking about.
    Straight whores ? Gay whores ? Transgendered whores ?
    Does a hot Asian whore cost more that a big booty black whore ?
    Inquiring minds need to know !

  2. This obviously leaves plenty of room for central bank pumping.

  3. Probably caused by the general deterioration of the labor market, my city has 82 hair cutters (almost all of which are female) also despite it being a minor provincial town, I think a lot of women are desperate for income and so they underbid each other in the prostitution business.

  4. KJ:

    You are absolutely correct and if you look at Europe high youth unemployment has led to a glut of desperate women becoming prostitutes so the law of supply and demand has kicked in. Here are a couple of links as examples:

    Of course I suggest anyone who reads this article and do more research. We're throwing our young women to wolves

  5. So is it more expensive to hire a lawyer in San Francisco than NYC?

  6. @Anonymous - "Why are whores so expensive in Boston ?"

    I disagree with using the opprobrious word "whore" for the noble profession of Sex Worker. "Whore" should be reserved for certain politicians, lawyers and lobbyists.